Rolled steel, metal Novosibirsk

rolled steel, metal Novosibirsk

Steel rolled are metal obtained by rolling steel billets cast in the process of smelting iron ore and steel scrap in convertor, open-hearth or electric furnaces. Rolled steel can be produced from conventional and low-alloy high strength steels, stainless and alloy steels, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steels of various grades. Steel grade depends on the number of components and melting technology present in the steel alloy.

The production of rolled steel is one of the important components of the economy of most countries that claim to be a modern economically developed state. The development of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy has always been one of the priorities of the Russian economy.

Rolled steel is obtained using hot rolling, but some parts of it, after complete cooling, can be subjected to additional processing and such steel will be called cold-rolled or calibrated. Calibrated rolled steel has a higher surface hardness, more precise dimensions, and geometry.

Steel can also be subdivided into shapes and sections by type of cross-section. Long products include varieties of rolled steel with simple geometric shapes in the section: a circle, rectangle (strip), square, hexagon. Shaped rolled products have a more complex shape, here we can refer to the Taurus, I-beams, corners, channels, as well as corrugated fittings.

From us you can buy sheet and pipe metal rolling, I-beams and channels hot-rolled, corner and rebar, circles and hexahedrons, rod and wire. In addition to steel rolled metal, our managers can offer you colored and stainless steel rolled products. The warehouses make the upper loading by crane, you can order additional metal cutting for transportation and delivery in the city to your facility, warehouse or receiving point of the transport company. We will ship the products to your city by car or by KAMAZ.